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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back in School .. Back to Reality

So the semester has started. I'm back on the grind!! Lecture & labs for two sections of general biology. As the instructor, I'm thinking "There isn't that much time to cover all the material". The students are thinking "OMG how will I learn all this stuff??". Neither of us know the answer to the questions at hand. I really wanted to be innovative with my class and streamline a few things. They have these digital response pads that the students can respond real-time to questions I ask in class, take attendance, etc. That would have been really cool, but it didn't work out that way :( Maybe next semester.......... I have reduced the amount of time I spend outside of class doing extra work. I built quite a sizable test bank, almost eliminated the paper based assignment and moved everything online. #win

I often wonder why the Lord closed the door to my last job as a Quality Control Analyst. I suppose He has a plan that requires me to have collegiate teaching experience. To what end, I don't know?? So for now, I'll tweak my lecture notes and online quizzes.

A few days ago I had a panic attack. It happens every now again. My uncle passed away recently, and he was funeralized on this past Tuesday. Losing a loved one always forces you to realize your own mortality and how life is oh so short. Makes you think about what you have done with your life so far and how close (or far away) you are from your short term and long term goals. I've been feeling like my terminal degree, career, and financial stability is just out of reach. My birthday is next month and my ovaries and I are another year older O_O. Yeah, sometimes I have irrational baby fever. God knows I'm not seriously considering getting jump started on expanding our new family. Especially not in the financial position we are in currently. Unless we can feed, cloth, and education a wee little one on love and kisses, we would have a problem. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm exactly where I need to be. Live the life I have now and don't wish away now for something in the future. I'm trying to be content and grateful for the here and now. It's and on going process.

Tomorrow is Monday........... another week of classes. Cheers to making it a good one!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fried Potatoes & Gay Marriage


The caption: I support Waffle Fries, Free Speech, and Gay Marriage. 

Recently in the the news, the Chick-fil-A president made some disapproving comments about gay marriage. The media outlets ran with it sparking protests and kiss-ins. Many a facebook debate have ensued. I even joined in with what I considered a benign and semi-neutral FB post. NOT! Apparently I have offended people and jeopardized my educational career at my Alma matter with possible collateral damage. Geez... so much for tolerant & understanding Christians. People for the most part are not open minded and I don't have time to talk to them. So I'll do the next best thing and talk to myself on the internet until further notice.

I read this awhile ago. Read Here. This is the first time I've heard this argument from a gay black man.  Although I don't necessarily agree with his Biblical conclusion, I do think he has some valid points. The biggest one being that I do not believe you can pray to be healed from being gay, no more than you can pray to be healed from being man or woman. Second, I don't believe my personal religious beliefs should have any effect on marital rights of other people. Marriage is a civil liberty and thus should be granted to all Americans. Third, I don't think gay people are trying to equate African American civil rights movement to the homosexual civil rights movement completely, but they do share similar characteristics.  They have won the first battle, getting society to recognized them as human beings. Gays for the most part have not had to fight for this understanding. People do considered them humans, but the many times as the mentally ill, diseased riddled,  pedophilia, or contagiously vile type of human. The type of human who is required to be secretive about their sexuality in order to be treated without discrimination or general contempt by a large portion of our population. We are inflicting silent pain when we teach eternal damnation and hell fire across the board because they are sinning simply for being who they are, or by tolerating hatred and inequality because gays are choosing this path by their lifestyle,  or that gays are fundamentally different from heterosexuals and thus their civil liberties should be modified. It is very much a civil rights battle, and we as blacks should understand the plight and be more sympathetic not just sit back and nitpick why they can't claim to be borrowing from our struggle. Let the pursuit of happiness be enough.

Life, Love, Marriage


Yo....  I kinda suck at this blogging thing. I think up great ideas to write about, but clearly I don't follow through with actually dictating things into the cyber world. I'll do better!! I need to do better. Especially since I have exited [stage left] facebook (that's for another post).

Mini Life Update
Well.... I got married!! May 28, 2012. So my time away from blogging has been spent being extremely OCD, slightly manic, not sleeping, burning through thousands of hours cellphone minutes, suffering through crafting blisters and hot glue gun burns, checking endless checklists, and cold sweat nights after "I left my dress!!" nightmares. We hosted a 8 Day destination wedding cruise, and had our nuptials on the beautiful island of Grand Turk of the Turk & Caicos Islands. It was a lot of work pulling everything together, but the end result was amazing to say the least. A true fairy tale <3 p="p">
Going to the chapel ......
I learned so much during my planning adventures. 1)Our parents are awesome. If you didn't know weddings are expensive and generally people don't have thousands and thousands of dollars laying around ready to be spent on the random things that we have decided are necessary for the BIG DAY. The parental units came through in the clutch. Much sacrifice and expense just to give us, their children what we wanted and we are beyond grateful.  2) People will surprise you for better or worse. We have friends who went above and beyond to ensure that they were apart of our special day. Shout out to our wedding party: Clifton & Mai (newlyweds) who endured our wedding expenses in spite of their own impending expenses; Matt & Jailyn .. Matt stepped in as a groomsman right on time and Jai for planning the onboard Bridal shower. Kathy who planned the Bridal shower in Dallas with Dorenda (honorable mention-who wasn't able to attend the wedding); Carolyn who broke her leg weeks before the wedding and was our little hop along and through the pain she supported us; The entire Jenkins family who not only made the trip but rented 2 tuxes+1bridesmaid dress&shoes and gave us shower gifts AND beautiful Waterford crystal. The other members of the wedding party my brother and sister ... and even those that attended as guest did so without thinking twice about the possibility of not being there to celebrate with us. 39 guest made up of close friends and family we genuinely appreciate each and everyone of you!! So, on one hand the generous outpouring of love is dramatically contrasted by deep disappointment from those who claim that we are important to them. No bashing here, but I will never forget. A true eye opener about how people arrange their priorities, and how we were left off that priority list. #thatisall

Married Life (Highs)
Waking up everyday to your best friend in the morning. The feeling of completeness ...not that I was incomplete before.. but a different type of complete. I'm apart of something lifelong that is living and growing, dynamic.Very surreal. I look back at my wedding pictures and saying "wow.. it really happened".

Married (Lows)
Since I have been unemployed for the summer, I have been playing housewife. Sounds like fun, but the endless laundry, loading the dishwasher daily, collecting socks, undies, and other random articles of clothes from every room, wash-dry-fold-repeat, taking & serving breakfast/lunch/dinner orders. Being a live in maid/chef/personal assistant can be tedious and overwhelming. Leaving my old name behind and getting use to my new name and title "Mrs." has been quite an adjustment. My days have been running together like a twilight zone episode with weekend commercial breaks (if we have something planned). I look at the calendar and think.. it's only been 2 months.. and I have a lifetime to go?! It sounds bad... but you get married.. then you will understand. My marriage observation so far.... Nothing magical happens at the alter. Maybe we should have gotten married years ago, when I was starry eyed, love was new and exciting and I wasn't so cynical and jaded about life???? Maybe my time as an independent woman over the last 27 years has made me somewhat resistant to transitioning 2nd member of the now duo. I'll update you guys at the 6 month mark

Anyway .......That's my life in a nutshell. I promise, I'll be back with more post. I've got a lot of time of my hands (kinda) and a whole lot to say. TTYL :D


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sports&Love: Girlfriends Guide to Sports Part I

The following rules apply to sports with bonus tips if your significant other is a sports lover. I have had to learn the hard way. So to all the girlfriends, here is my advice. Take it or leave it.... and good luck! 

#1 The "better" team is determined by stats, projection, and who is considered the favorite by consensus.
Note: The term "better" may also be labeled arbitrarily. Avoid any misunderstandings by inquiring about the "better" team from your significant other, if they are the sports authority. This point needs to be cleared up before any matchups have taken place, or your confusion will continue.
#2 When the "better" team does not win, they are not beaten, the "better" team merely chocked. This point may also lead to confusion.  Again, avoid any misunderstandings by referring to your significant other if they are the sports authority.
Note: Rule #2 applies even when "better" team is swept, beaten in game 5, or 6 in a best of 7 series. In almost any situation of the "better" team losing, the outcome is considered an upset. 
#3 Do not assume your significant other will cheer for your team just because you cheer for their team. 
Note:This rule still applies even if a championship title is at stake for your favorite team. Fan loyalty should not be assumed to be automatically reciprocated by your significant other.  Moreover,  the opposite may occur, in which your significant other may cheer against your team. Do not, I repeat, do not take this personally! Remember, this is just sports, meant for entertainment purposes only! However,  if your significant other is irrational about fan loyalty for their team, proceed with caution and act accordingly to avoid future conflict. 
#4 If you have your own opinions about matchups and predictions, be aware that your opinions maybe considered "simple". Note: Do not take this personally, this is just a reflection of your significant other's opinion that your interest in sports is less in-depth than his (this may or may not be true). The key here is to watch ESPN's Sports Center and listen to talk radio independently of your significant other to gain expert knowledge that can not be disputed. However, even then your sports knowledge maybe called into question, because, let's face it, you are a girl.
#5 All commentators/analysts are not considered equal. Just like there are variations in fashion authorities, the same goes for sports. Find out which sports personalities your significant idolizes. This is will give you the best insight into what goes on inside his testosterone controlled mind. 
#6 There is no true off-season for your significant other's favorite sport. He likely has more than one favorite sport and if he has cable-tv or the internet he has access to specialty channels that play classic games from days gone by and sports documentaries. Sports commentary on tv or radio never ends. The off-season will be filled with conversation about trades, drafts, injuries, season projections (see point #1), and training camps. Note: Most likely the "better" team or players will be decided during the off-season, before any play has actually taken place.
#7 Watching the game with your significant other is considered quality time, even if you feel you are being ignored, it doesn't matter if you are not interested in the game. Suck it up, at least you both are in the same room. Count it as a "W". 

Interesting quote about the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Championship.... Go Mavs!
"Sunday wasn't a night for the best players - the guys with the Nike deals and superstar labels. It was, rather, a showcase for the better team." - Brian Lowry FOX Sports Jun. 13, 2011 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Are you touching my hair?

Many of you may know, that I have been on a healthy hair journey for awhile now. I've been serious about it for about 2 years, and my efforts have paid off! My hair is healthy, natural, and growing : ) Sometimes, I like to wear my hair in a fro/wash and go style and sometimes I straighten it via blow dryer or flat iron. Whenever I change me hair style people notice (usually my friends from other cultures) and it can be a big deal depending on what they have been exposed to in the past. Reactions can range anywhere from staring to touching! Yes, touching... smh! People better be glad I'm not easily offended! There is this one guy at work who is especially interested in my tresses. One day while sitting at my desk I felt something touch my hair, I jumped, turned around and there was my coworker patting my recently washed hair, and pulling one of my curls! He looks at me unaware of the possible danger he was in, and says "Cool", then walks away. O_O Another day, I straightened and drop curled my hair.. and low and behold he came by my desk and touched my hair again!? Really *face palm* I'm glad I'm such a nice person, or better yet, he should be happy!  I wasn't offended, but as a friendly PSA, please my fellow Americans: PLEASE, DONT TOUCH A BLACK WOMAN'S HAIR We will usually take offense to it..not sure why but we do..so consider yourself warned!! And if you don't take my advice (see below)


We are Engaged!

On Friday, 4/22/2011, Steven L. asked me to marry him. I couldn't be more happy! More details and news to come. We started a website: www.ebonyandsteven.com but it won't launch until May 27, 2011. Thank you all for the text, email, phone calls, facebook posts, hugs and kisses from all those who have wished us well : D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Beginnings

A new year! 2011 has finally arrived and 2010 is now just a fading memory.....

I am not sorry to say that there is no love lost between me and 2010! I will not miss 2010.. uhhh huhhhh.. no no! Last year (I love the sound of that) may have been one of the worst years of my life. No exaggeration! I lost one too many a friend to death, finances were less than stellar, I was rejected over and over again by professors for admittance into their labs as a graduate student, completion of my PhD looked oh so bleak, my uncle put my house on the market for sale (against my will), all this added to my weight gain and depression.

But as they say, weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning! Toward the end of the year, things took a turn for the better. I got motivated and lost 11lbs., I got a job working for a small biotech company in the city where I live, sold a few puppies, and I had the most amazing Christmas/New Years by spending time with my family. The Lord worked it all out, all my problems and concerns, He fixed it all! I am truly blessed. And all the stuff that didn't get worked out yet, I'm sure, in time it will all be OK.

So, new beginnings? The new year is fresh, unsoiled, unspoiled, a clean slate! Full of opportunity and open doors. No deaths, hurts, or sorrows, yet. The future is bright, and I can feel that its going to be a great year! My life is reaching the end of a chapter and a new one is about to begin. I'm excited to see what is in store for me in 2011 : )